Manuka Honey

For only six glorious weeks of every year, the wondrous honeybees of New Zealand's nature preserves carry their precious treasure of Manuka nectar back to their hives. From this nectar, the bees create one of the most enticing and health-supporting foods known to humankind: Manuka honey. Manuka honey is considered liquid gold in the honey world. It possesses a unique and highly beneficial bioactive compounds that maintain healthy immune balance in our body.

We go to great lengths to produce our 100% certified organic and freeze-dried Manuka honey powder — the only source in the world! The hives are located within a pristine nature preserve in New Zealand; each of our hives is regularly verified to meet national organic regulations. After our liquid gold is removed from the hives, it is freeze-dried into a powder for optimal preservation. Our certified organic, freeze-dried Manuka honey powder is of the highest potency.

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