Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is Mother Nature's very own, healthy energy booster. Along with its modest amounts of naturally balanced caffeine, it contains a very special, natural amino acid called L-theanine that is capable of inducing alpha wave activity in our brains for healthy stress support and mood. Results from the USDA's ORAC test method show that Matcha is on average 10 times greater in antioxidant potency on a gram for gram basis than superfoods like acai berry, dark chocolate, goji berries and many others. Genuine, certified organic Matcha is a rare treasure.

Our Matcha is hand-harvested in early spring from only the youngest, sprouting leaves of the heirloom tea plants. Each sprouting tea leaf is hand inspected to ensure it meets the highest ceremonial-grade standards. It is then ever so carefully prepared in the ancient traditional manner by being slow cold-milled into an ultra-fine, glowing jade green powder using a specially created and patented diamond tipped ceramic stone mill. It is then immediately vacuum-packed to ensure complete protection of all its special healing properties.

Our certified organic Matcha is made using all these traditional methods by a wonderful family who has been the multi-generational steward of this small, sacred tea farm situated beneath the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji. This land is the absolute perfect, environmentally protected place on Earth for growing the best Matcha there is.

8 Months ago