Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Milk thistle has a strong tradition as a nourishing herb for the liver. Your liver is one of your hardest working organs, playing a key role in filtering your entire blood supply, and detoxifying compounds that could cause harm to your cells and your health. Milk thistle's most biologically active compound has been identified as a unique flavonoid called silymarin. Our patented extract is verified to contain a minimum 50% of silymarin, which includes silybin A & B, silychristin, and silydianin. What’s more, it’s certified organic from seed to soil, all the way through to our exclusive SuperPure extraction process. This means it’s made 100% without the use of any chemicals or harsh and dangerous solvents like acetone and hexane, two toxic solvents so commonly used in ordinary milk thistle extracts. Milk thistle is your classic liver herb and we deliver it in a form you can completely trust.

A Year ago