Millet Sprouts

Millet is one of the best-kept secrets as far as ancient seeds go. A gluten-free pseudograin, millet has been prized for centuries all around the world and is gaining more popularity in the West. By sprouting our millet, the packed nutrients inside become even more accessible by eliminating the phytic acid that can interfere with absorption. Chock full of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and more, millet sprouts are a prime addition to your daily diet.

Our certified organic millet sprout powder begins as certified organic seeds that are carefully selected to produce the most nutritious sprouts. Our seeds are gently activated in a proprietary broth, rich in catalytic minerals and other essential nutrients. After they burst to life, our millet sprouts are harvested, flash frozen and immediately placed in a vacuum and freeze-dried for optimum nutrient preservation.

A Year ago