Pelargonium sidoides Root Extract

Pelargonium sidoides is commonly known as African geranium or umckaloabo in traditional Zulu language. Its roots are extracted to produce a highly valuable aid for your immune and respiratory systems, first gaining fame in the 19th century for use with respiratory function. P. sidoides is particularly supportive for healthy bronchial, nasal, and sinus function. Much data from clinical trials exists on the very promising effects of this South African herb, including some important research showing how it supports the healthy release of immune "peptides" from our white blood cells.

We carefully prepare our P. sidoides extract from the rhizome (root), grown organically in its native habitat of South Africa under optimized shade-grown conditions. The roots are harvested at their peak of potency followed by the use of our eco-friendly, certified organic SuperPure® processing to create a highly concentrated extract. Two capsules of Rapid Rescue® are guaranteed to contain 25 mg of P. sidoidesextract standardized to 27.5 mcg immune-supporting umckalin — one of its key biomarkers of potency.

11 Months ago