Propolis Extract

Made by the humble honeybee, propolis has to be one of nature's most fascinating and powerful natural substances. Propolis is a unique and natural "glue" that bees alone create to seal their hives by filling in unwanted cracks and gaps. But don't be fooled: this is definitely not your ordinary glue! Scientists have studied the composition of propolis and uncovered a remarkable assortment of polyphenols, phytonutrients, and health benefits. Propolis has many awesome functions including its ability to support a healthy immune defense. How does it do this? As a powerful antioxidant ally to your immune cell defenders.

Our certified organic propolis extract is unmatched. The propolis raw compound is first carefully separated from the organic beeswax. Next, in order to concentrate all its special nutrients, we create an extract using our eco-conscious SuperPure® processing (no chemical solvents allowed here!) The organic propolis extract is fully tested for the immune-supporting polyphenols like apigenin, quercetin and chyrsin to ensure optimal potency. We feel confident you will "bee" well with our certified organic propolis extract!

A Year ago