Red Wine Grape Concentrate

The making of our organic red wine grape concentrate begins with the finest, purest, certified organic red wine grapes from France. This fruit harbors some of nature’s most health-protective compounds of all time, including polyphenols and anthocyanin pigments. These phytonutrients are most concentrated in the skin of the berry – with up to 17 different anthocyanin varieties present! It’s no wonder the grape is deemed small but mighty for its ability to slow free radical damage in our bodies. Couple that with the additive benefits of the grape seeds, stem, and pulp, and the result is a comprehensive concentrate with a long list of health benefits including cardio-protection, skin health, and nervous system support. After fermentation, the remaining whole grape concentrate is meticulously dried and milled under low temperatures for optimal potency. Our resulting certified organic grape powder is free of all pesticides, fungicides and insecticides that are so pervasive in the grape-growing industry.

A Year ago