Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a potent, broad-spectrum antioxidant that helps defend the whole body from free radicals. Because it is fat-soluble, it has a special affinity for our lipid-rich cell membranes, keeping them fluid and healthy. Healthy cells equal a healthy body as we age so it's important to get plenty of vitamin E through diet and supplementation. Despite its name, vitamin E is not just a singular vitamin but rather a group of eight different compounds — four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Although alpha-tocopherol is the most well-studied and utilized vitamin E compound in supplements, research is emphasizing the vital need for the "whole."

Our whole-food vitamins contain full spectrum vitamin E including mixed tocotrienols, which scientists are discovering have an instrumental role in aging and overall well-being. Our vitamin E tocopherols are made through our special fermentation process using organic vegetables, fruits, and other natural food sources. This creates an organically "grown" vitamin that is naturally bound in a synergy of beneficial cofactors and whole-food compounds. Our mixed tocotrienols are sustainability derived from tropical palm fruit and round out the full spectrum of vitamin E for our formulas.

A Year ago