Active & Proactive Immune Supplements: Which product should I take, and when?

If wellness is a pyramid, immune health is the base. You might only think about your immune system when you feel unwell, but this dynamic multitasker is the project manager that keeps your whole body doing what it should, how it should, and when it should. Even when you’re well!

The immune system’s main objective is to maintain your body’s physical and chemical environment so your other cells, organs, and networks stay in balance. How? Like all aspects of your body, the immune system needs nutrients for energy, communication, and defense. And the majority of those nutrients come from your diet.

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Eating a balanced, whole-food diet and meeting all your essentials with a daily multivitamin go a long way in maintaining health under optimum conditions. But since life has taught us to expect the unexpected, science is proving more and more that you can play both an active and proactive role in staying well. Supplements serve as one of the best ways to take charge of your immune health all year round.

Today’s Active Immune Support

Whether or not you felt it coming on, you woke up this morning and you know – you’re under the weather. Your kids just started school, or you’ve been extra stressed at work. Maybe spring has just sprung or the air just caught its first chill, bringing familiar immune foes. What do you reach for?

Our roster of active immune supplements is stacked with ingredients and formulas proven by research to help you outwit the inevitable bugs and get back on your feet, pronto. Packed with tried-and-true traditional herbs and newly discovered bioactive compounds, here are your top picks for optimal defense, resilience, and recovery.

Active Immune Support (Call in Reinforcement): Pure Radiance C amps up your antioxidants, boosts energy & resilience, fosters quick recovery. Rapid Rescue supports sinus throat, & respiratory health, protects for travel & stressful days. SuperPure Olive helps defy immune adversaries, nourishes whole body wellness. SuperPure Oregano promotes a robust defense, supports gut & microbiome health.

Enhance Your Recovery: Pure Radiance C®

Heralded in immune infamy, vitamin C is non-negotiable for supporting your best health every day. As one of the most active antioxidants in your body, vitamin C is widely proven to support resilience and a quick recovery. At home or on-the-go, our Pure Radiance C® Capsules and Powder have your back.

Optimize Your Offense: Rapid Rescue®

The name says it all! Rapid Rescue® is your go-to formula whenever you start feeling less than your best or if your day’s agenda includes travel, crowds, or even a high-stress work meeting that could leave you more vulnerable. With nine no-nonsense and certified organic herbal extracts, our favorite immune hero provides maximum support for sinus, throat, and respiratory health and active, head-to-toe defense.

Deepen Your Defense: SuperPure® Olive

A Blue Zone favorite, olives and extra virgin olive oil don’t just help defy age, they help our bodies defy immune adversaries, too. Rich in exclusive antioxidant polyphenols like hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, our organic SuperPure® Olive Extract fosters a robust and ready defense when you need it most.

Keep Up Your Guard: SuperPure® Oregano

Our favorite Mediterranean herb with unrivaled flavor, oregano’s robust quality also extends to its immune-defending power from the inside out. With a super-potent oregano oil extract plus whole organic oregano leaves for extra support, you can be sure that SuperPure® Oregano will help keep up your guard.

Tomorrow’s Proactive Immune Support

Sleep might be one of your stay-well necessities, but thankfully your immune system never sleeps! Your innate and adaptive immune responses remain at the ready to detect and manage potential threats, even those beyond classroom bugs and pesky pollen. So making sure that your immune bodyguards are at peak vigilance year-round calls for unique provision and instruction.

It’s amazing that supplements can not only provide fuel (like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) for a healthy immune response, they can actually help equip and train immune cells to function at their best. Even more amazing is that plants, algae, and mushrooms hold amazing immune secrets that science is now uncovering and proving. Here’s our favorites for optimizing your ongoing immune defense.

Proactive Immune Support (Smarten your armor): Zinc Complex & D3+K2 Complex support immune cell function & communication, promote healthy repair. SuperPure Fucoidan & Beta 1,3-Gluten keep immune cells prepped, foster a ready response. SuperPure Turmeric enhances antioxidant function, optimizes immune balance. Immune Health upholds robustness, nourishes daily resistance.

Fortify Your Foundation: Zinc Complex™ and D3 + K2 Complex™

Vitamin D isn’t just for bone health, it’s a key nutrient that immune cells use to function and communicate. Science has proven over and over that having adequate vitamin D levels is linked to optimal immune health, and D3 (cholecalciferol) is the most bioavailable and active form for your body. But since vitamin D doesn’t work alone, our vegan D3 + K2 Complex™ brings along a whole food party of immune-support from berries, greens, and mushrooms.

Likewise, zinc is behind every cell’s superpowers, and it plays a special role in empowering and replenishing immune cells. Plus, zinc is vital in healthy cellular repair and promotes a quick recovery if and when the inevitable bugs gain ground. To maximize the benefits of this mighty mineral, Zinc Complex™ gives you 136% of your daily zinc needs plus vitamin C and cruciferous veggies for an unmatched immune back-up team.

Prepare Your Immune Squad: SuperPure® Fucoidan and SuperPure® Beta 1,3-Glucan

Your gut serves as a significant immune checkpoint, with a 24-7 safety squad that investigates what you eat and absorb through your intestinal tract. Fascinating fucoidan from seaweed is becoming famous for nourishing both gut health and immune health by upholding an active and ready defense. As a concentrated source of this novel bioactive compound, SuperPure® Fucoidan Extract helps equip immune cells to do their best work.

Another supplement that has been shown to keep your immune defense in tip-top shape is beta 1,3-glucan. Like fucoidan, beta 1,3-glucans come from algae and provide unique molecules that help train immune cells in the gut to recognize and respond appropriately to foes. And it’s been show to foster an optimal microbiome too! That makes SuperPure® Beta 1,3 Glucan Extract an excellent way to foster immune readiness year-round.

Balance Your Response: SuperPure® Turmeric Extract

Turmeric is one of nature’s most potent and powerful sources of antioxidants, which is why it’s beneficial for just about every aspect of health. What’s more, this golden rhizome also promotes glutathione, your body’s chief antioxidant, whose entire job is defending healthy cellular structure and function when you’re well – and especially when you’re not. To give your body a maximum wellness win, our triple-extracted SuperPure® Turmeric concentrates every last drop of turmeric’s curcuminoids and essential oils.

Strengthen Your Shield: Immune Health™

We’ve saved the best for last. A formula so good for immune health that it couldn’t be named anything less. Boasting seven immune-fortifying organic mushrooms, including shiitake and reishi, astragalus root, plus the aforementioned SuperPure Fucoidan and Beta 1,3-Glucan Extracts, Immune Health™ is designed to be your ultimate immune ally.

Research is piling up behind mushrooms and algae for optimizing immune health. So we’ve concentrated and standardized our ingredients to match proven doses as much as possible, providing powerful everyday immune support to strengthen your shield.

Be Well and Stay Well with Pure Synergy

Since immune health is at the root of whole-body health, it’s clear that we at Pure Synergy® take it seriously. That’s why we’ve given you a whole lineup of ways to stay healthy today and tomorrow. As always, we gather and give the best ingredients from the earth to optimize your health.

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