Blue-Green Energy Machine

A Tiny Powerhouse with Big Benefits

What’s blue and green and never sleeps?

Aphanizomen flos-aquae! More commonly known (and way more pronounceable) as a type of blue-green algae, this mighty microscopic organism is worth getting to know. Its enchanting emerald color is more than glitz – blue green algae are wellness gems. These aquatic life factories are not only a novel nutrient and energy source when taken as a supplement, they’re natural detoxifiers shown to support mental clarity, healthy metabolic function, immune health, and more. Intrigued? Read on.

blue green algae under microscp[e

Alien or Ally?

Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction, and blue-green algae are proof. While they’re not technically algae and can simultaneously behave like animals, plants, and bacteria, cyanobacteria (aka blue-green algae) are a mystery to behold. Far from being alien invaders, blue-green algae are native, primeval powerhouses responsible for producing a significant proportion of Earth’s oxygen. So effective are these microscopic O2 factories, they’ve been proposed as a way to help us to survive on Mars!

Aphanizomen flos-aquae (let’s go with AFA now that we’re friends) are central in maintaining balance in their ecological niche. And there’s no better example of that environmental sync than at Klamath Lake, Oregon. Sitting at high altitude and fed by mountain snowmelt and natural springs, the blue-green algae of Klamath Lake enjoy 300 days of sunshine, pristine air, and soil enriched with volcanic minerals. In case you’re wondering? These conditions are made-to-order for AFA’s survival and thrive-al.

Out-of-this-World Energy from an Otherworldly Hue

The placid place and biological synergy of blue-green algae’s base camp are critical in giving these hard-working organisms a unique nutrient profile. Incredibly, blue-green algae are naturally high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that can contribute to our daily essentials. They also contain a multitude of enlivening carotenoids and omega-3 fatty acids linked to exceptional cardiovascular benefits.

Along with these energizing nutrients, blue-green algae boast a rich spectrum of bioactive, health-protective phytonutrients. That name-worthy hue? Thank chlorophyll. Yes, the same potent pigment that plants use for harnessing sunlight for energy is used by cyanobacteria too. In addition to this life-making compound, blue-green algae carry rare amino acids and exclusive phycocyanins ready to help enhance our own life-force energy and wellness.

A Potent Purifier

Not only do blue-green algae sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide and nitrogen that can contribute to excess greenhouse gases and climate change, AFA in particular discourage the growth of harmful bacteria in their aquatic domain. Many of these non-beneficial bugs can deplete natural resources and produce toxic byproducts. As a self-sustaining organism at Klamath Lake, blue-green algae help maintain the pristine balance of their alpine home.

While we can thank blue-green algae for helping purify the atmosphere world-wide, AFA’s fruitful filtration at Klamath Lake points to their same cleansing value for our bodies. The overachieving compound chlorophyll not only churns out energy for blue-green algae, it also helps boost our liver detoxification enzymes, support healthy fluid balance, and promote optimal waste elimination.

blue green algae under a microscope

As green chlorophyll does its detox duty, bright blue phycocyanin also gets in on the name and game of our algae allies. These two pigments team up to help oppose free radicals and oxidative stress in our bodies, which can impact the normal cellular process of clearing waste and debris. With ample antioxidant power plus gut-friendly polysaccharides, blue-green algae support a robust and resilient immune defense to protect our cells against oxidative stress and promote pure, clean energy.

Cleanse for Body & Mind

Vibrant well-being requires balance in body and mind, and blue-green algae earn their superfood status by promoting energy and renewal in our brains, too! Incredibly, AFA’s healthy treasures include distinct amino acids that can help supply our brains with the necessary building blocks and enzyme cofactors for neurotransmitters, plus the unique compound phenylethylamine (PEA) linked to optimizing our moods and cognition.

But there’s even more brain-boosting capacity in blue-green algae. Another rare facet of these microscopic jewels are natural concentrations of vitamins and minerals that promote brain energy and neurotransmitter production. By providing extra essentials for healthy brain cell function and renewal, AFA may help enhance our overall alertness, stamina, and endurance.

Sharing with Earth to Share with You

Feeling energized already? By the way, the mind-blowing benefits of blue-green algae can only be bestowed when their beauty and brilliance are preserved. Namely: Organic Blue-Green Algae Powder. This self-regenerating life-giver is tailor-made for sustainable growth and harvesting, and we’ve made sure to source this native species with a light hand. Produced through organic practices and exclusively from Klamath Lake, our ingredient keeps the natural ecosystem a stable and productive environment.

What’s more, our blue-green superfood is carefully gathered at its peak bloom and slowly dried at minimum temperature so every batch is overflowing with nutrient richness. That crazy color in your Insta-worthy smoothie bowl? It boasts the best-in-class health benefits, too.

So don’t be shy, find out for yourself how this guy’s endless vitality can enhance yours too. Go green (and blue) with bright, clean energy for mind and body, and lasting wellness.

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