The Original Organic Green Superfood

In 1972, the founder of Pure Synergy®, Mitchell May, was involved in a near-fatal automobile accident. The best doctors of conventional medicine could not offer Mitchell any hope of his ever walking again, and because of his massive injuries, attending physicians insisted that he have his right leg amputated. They agreed that the twenty-one-year old’s immune system would be permanently and dangerously weakened and that his health would be severely limited for decades to come.

Mitchell would have none of this negative prognosis. Instead, he began what became a lifelong study of the many different methods of alternative healing that could restore an ill person to wellness again. By 1976, Mitchell had regained use of his right leg, a recovery that according to every expert consulted, was considered medically impossible. This healing journey instilled in him a desire to deepen his research of healing wisdom and to share what he had learned with those around him and the world — he wanted to share the health.

Over the many years since that fateful accident, Mitchell collaborated with traditional healers of multiple global disciplines, herbalists, nutritionists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine doctors, Ayurvedic practitioners, and Western medical doctors. One of his principal goals was to find nature’s whole-foods and herbs that have the greatest potential to help people live at their fullest energy with maximum health and well-being.

Nutritional Foundation

Mitchell’s research in the 1970s initially focused on what today we call “superfoods.” He investigated botanicals such as organic algae and seaweeds to promote energy and clarity, antioxidant and enzyme-rich fruits and berries, cleansing and alkalinizing grass juices, nutrient-dense vegetables, and enzyme-rich sprouts.

He not only made crucial discoveries about the superfoods themselves, but also identified methods for growing and processing them in such a way as to preserve their vitality and full phytonutrient potential. These discoveries still hold true today, since you can have the most nutrient-dense botanicals, but if they are not properly processed, they will yield little benefit to our bodies.

Herbal Upgrade

Wanting to balance the mind and spirit as much as the body, Mitchell studied traditional Asian herbal adaptogens. Adaptogens raise our ability to maintain optimal balance in the face of physical, mental and emotional stress, as well as restore and nourish our chi, or vitality.

He found one ancient Chinese formula in particular which was used for generations to balance, regenerate, and revitalize the body and mind. He also investigated Western tonic herbs that help repair and recalibrate the natural rhythms and systems of the body, and immune-strengthening mushroom mycelium that fortify and protect our health.

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

As Mitchell worked with his large assortment of greens, fruits, sprouts, herbs, mushrooms, and algae, it soon became apparent that their unique healing and nourishing powers were significantly enhanced when they were put together in certain combinations and specific proportions. Therefore, the second thrust of his research was to find the optimum balance, the synergy that would dramatically increase the ability of all the ingredients to nourish the whole person.

It took many years of research and development for his vision to coalesce into the creation of Pure Synergy® Superfood — a revolutionary 62 ingredient formula that combines the knowledge of ancient traditional healing with the most modern nutritional science.

Today, people around the world enjoy Pure Synergy Superfood’s many health benefits:
• Provides sustained, vibrant energy
• Fosters mental clarity and focus
• Assists in detoxification and cleansing
• Bridges nutritional gaps in diet
• Supports a healthy immune response
• Improves tolerance to stress
• Boosts athletic endurance and recovery
• Provides essential support for healthy aging

3 Years ago